Add support for additional currencies

There are currently only 8 currencies supported and the 'prefix' option only allows 1 character.

We'd like to use Indonesian Rupiah which uses Rp or IDR instead of a currency symbol (such as $).

We would also be ok with specifying Rp or IDR as the suffix but it currently only allows 1 character.

Note: The official number format of Indonesia is 1.000.000,00. We're not expecting this to be supported as well but this would likely be a separate feature request.



We're currently rolling out 15+ new input components, including a new Number Input with support for any currency code! The default symbol and formatting will depend on your browser and locale. You can also override the defaults with updated prefix/suffix fields that no longer have a character limit.

If you don't see the Number Input in the component list yet, check back in a few days. We should be fully rolled out sometime next week.

Check out the changelog for more details.

Thanks for the response. I'm excited to see some of the new features that are in the pipeline. We're using the On-Prem deployment of Retool and the Changelog you linked doesn't mention any version numbers. Can you please advise what version the new number input component will be released in?

was just browsing and it looks like this what just updated a couple days ago

Hey! Recent weekly updates in the the changelog usually will make it into public stable builds in 2-4 weeks. Those updates are continuously deployed in our Cloud environment, but go through a longer QA process before we publish the build to Dockerhub. Looking back, you can find release notes for all our past stable releases - Updating Retool.