Add row to mySQL table only when fields are editable

I want to add new rows to table using add row button, when I enable Show add row button for a table that uses data from a SQL query and click on it to add new row - I am only able to entre data for the fields that are editable - this is a bit odd because by add row this should only allow users to be able to insert new rows and not edit already existing rows.
I know this can be handled using some JS but this seems strange to me because there should be something which should allow users to only add row irrespective of columns being editable or not.

Hey anagrawal, thank you for this feedback about the add row feature! I think that a form would be a great alternative if you want to add data to your table or database without making columns in your table editable.

If you only want to add a new row to the table and not persist any data to the backend, then you'll likely want to create a Temporary State variable that stores the data in the frontend and is the input for your table. You can then have a form that allows users to update the Temporary State variable. I hope that helps with your use case!