Add query throttle property for queries that run automatically

I have some queries that run when the values in a Multiselect (MS) change. The queries run on every change in the MS so if a user wants to select three items, the queries run three times, often at the same time.

In event handlers I can select a throttle so they handler query is only run every so often and thus avoiding repeats.

But I can't figure out an elegant way to do this with queries that run automatically. The best I have come up with it is for the query to disable itself if it is already running:

Edit: I realize this won't work either as it will only run the query on the first selection, the queries that trigger for the second and third click will not run at all. With a throttle, the last query does finally get run.

Thanks @bradlymathews! As we discussed during office hours, this is not natively possible and I've linked this post to an internal feature request ticket.

In the interim, for those interested, the current workaround would be to set the query to run when manually triggered, and trigger the query via a component event handler. The event handler should have a throttle setting that can be set / adjusted.

I'll update this post when I have any additional information on a native query throttle property.