Add multiple entries from text field

We started using retool to track serial numbers of products / customers. I created a simple form tool to select the customer, the product type and add the serial number. This is working perfectly fine.

What i want to optimize now, is if a single order contains for example 10 of the same product, its time consuming to fill the form 10 times, which only a different serial number.

It there a possibility to add a field where the user can add many serial numbers, and when hitting submit, a record for each serial number will be added with the selected fields that are identical?

For example, the form-input would look like this:
Customer: 1234 (Dropdown)
DeviceType: xyz (Dropdown)
SerialNumbers: 0001,0002,0003 (textfield)

How could this be solved?

Hi @snx,

I think what you can do is have the form trigger a separate Query Block where you split the SerialNumbers on the , delimitor. Then you can loop over each serial number, construct a json/data object and trigger the query that adds the data to the db (using the json/data object within additionalScope).

You could also just construct all the data objects in an array and pass that array to a bulk insert query.