Add functionality for the null coalesce (?) operator

Given the following code: {{ field.value ==== }}, I need to allow for the name field to be null. Thus, I need to write {{ field.value === ( ? : '') }}

This can get very long and tedious when checking over multiple fields in a form. Is there any way to utilize the null coalesce (??) operator, which currently returns an error. The desired code would read {{ field.value === ( ?? '') }}.

Hi wmayallen! I think this might actually be working, but we do incorrectly lint it as an error at the moment :sweat_smile:

Does this work how you would expect?

In the screenshot you show, yes, that would be the expected behavior. However, in my app, when I attempt to replace the code on the left with the code on the right…

you see that I get an error when, I believe, I should be getting the same result.

NOTE: Since the linter was balking on the parentheses, I removed them, but it had no effect on the error.