Add error bars to charts

I am showing the mean of some data in a bar chart. I would like to add error bars with standard deviations to those bars. There is an aggregation method of standard deviation, but it can't be added to the mean. Is there a way to do that today? perhaps with the plotly JSON? or is the only possibility to do the aggregation in the data preparation?

It's definitely possible in plotly, but you'll need to modify the plotly data and layout manually - I've only done it before by calculating the SD etc in advance

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Here's a Plotly doc (the chart component is powered by Plotly JS) that may help!

For custom charts like this, you'll need to use the "Plotly JSON" tab instead of the default "UI Form"

To Dave's point, I do typically recommend doing calculations in Javascript and then passing that calculated data to the chart, rather than trying to configure the calculations in the component set up.

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