Accessing the component that triggered the query


I am new to using Retool so apologies if this is a naïve question. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to reference the component that triggered the query inside query's code. Something like this:

{{ self.triggeredBy.value }}
// Here triggeredBy would be the component that triggered the query

My use case is to create a table with inline editing experience, similar to that of a spread sheet. Whenever a table cell updates I want to fire a query with the data of the updated cell so I need a reference to the cell that fired the query.

From the docs, I found out that there is a triggeredById variable available but it doesn't seems to be available in a database (Postgres) query.

Furthermore, I learned from the forums that the only solution that works with triggeredById is to create a dictionary/lookup of components ahead of time. This is not possible for my case because I am using a table populated by a database query so I can't know in advance what components will be there.

Is there a way to reference the component that triggered the query inside query's code? (in my case its a Postgres database query)


Hi @Vihar,

Can you provide a bit more context into what you're trying to do? Based on what you said, you're displaying some data (from a database table?) and you want to update a table when the cell changes. Are you just updating the original data to the new data, in the same table? Or are you trying to track some kind of meta-data?

If it's the former, you can make a whole table editable and configure how it writes back to the database by configuring this option:

You can also make individual columns editable if you want to limit the edits. You configure a save handler, but Retool can keep track of all of your changes and feed them into the handler.

Is that what you're trying to accomplish?

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Hi @MikeCB, Thank you for the help!

My goal was to create an user experience with Retool table which is similar to that of a spreadsheet where you can edit any cell right from the table.

I am displaying the data in a Retool table component that is backed by a Postgres table. Whenever the user edits any cell in the Retool table I want to update the corresponding column in the Postgres table.

The solution I ended up with was making the columns the editable and using the changesetArray property of the Retool table to perform a batch update on the Postgres table.