Accessing modified calculated columns in a table?

I'm trying to add input fields to a table so that a query can update the backend based on the input. I'm doing it by adding calculated columns of an input type (say, text or datepicker). Is there a way to access the data in those columns?

My apologies if this was asked before - I couldn't find anything. I imagine that I could use a query transformer on the source data and add blank properties to each row for the data that I'm trying to input, but that's not as clear for maintenance.

Hi @dave! You aren't currently able to access the calculated result of the column directly, but it will show up in .recordUpdates under Calculated Column 1, Calculated Column 2 ect:

This will work as long as the column is of some kind of input type (textinput, checkbox, dropdown ect):

Got it, thanks! Makes sense.