Accessing data from a field in 3rd level nested list in a transformer

I'm trying to build a nested list structure, but running into problems when I want to access the data in the innermost of 3 nested lists.

I have an outer list called lineItemList, which contains a list called components, which in turn contains a list called colorSections_cNcsN, which has 1 or more fields named color_cNcsN

Another way to represent the structure is like this:

  • lineItemList <- List
    -- components <- List
    --- colorSections_cNcsN <- List
    ---- colorcNcsN <-- Select

I am able to reference this value directly in components by using this code:

colorSections_cNcsN[0][0]?.data[0].color_cNcsN (replace the 0's with the desired indices)

... but in my transformer where I want to iterate on all the lists, I am getting this weird behaviour:


Why are these two values different?
Is there another way of accessing i.e. the second color_cNcsN in the second colorSections_cNcsN in the second component in the list of line items?

(sorry for the confusing variable names)

Hi @oByhring !\

Hm, I'm going to look more into why that specific syntax is required, but I also just spent some time trying to come up with some hackey solutions to access the other options of color_cNcsN . I could not refer to it by indexing as you were, but I was able to access them just by indexing into the component itself. I know this may not be as dynamic as you were first configuring, but would it possibly work for your use case?\