Ability to Trigger option refresh

I have an option component connected to a mysql datasource. I am adding new items to the datasource through a form in my retool app. I want my dropdown list to refresh whenever I add new values through the form so that I can select these new options.

I can trigger things like table refreshes when my form submits, but I don't see a way to refresh/reload the dropdown list. Refreshing the form option/dropdownlist is apart of does not help. It still only displays the cached values in the option list from when I first loaded the app.
I also tried to trigger the query that powers the option list to run, and it runs fine but the new values are not loaded into the option list.

Are you sure the query you're using to map your options in the select component is being triggered upon form submission? I do this all the time and the option component always refreshes with new values