Ability to Collect Payment via Stripe

Hi team,

I am working on creating an application using retool. In this application, I want to provide a functionality using which I should be able to collect payment via Stripe. I was going through the docs and found 2 articles for the same.

  1. Showing the Stripe Card Form - Using this, I have shown the Stripe Card Form and on adding a valid card, I can generate the token as well. Now, I don't know how to use this token to initiate a payment.

  2. Connecting to Stripe Datasource - After reading the documentation, my assumption is using Stripe as datasource, I'll be able to pull data from Stripe and won't be able to process any payment.

I don't know how to proceed further on this. Any tutorial or guidance would be a great help.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

You can definitely use Stripe to collect payment in your app. The APIs Stripe provides should allow you to do this. My suggestion would be to determine the steps you need to send customer information, payment information, etc... to Stripe as it is a fairly complicated process....these are the queries I set up using Stripe....depending on whether the customer was new to the Stripe account being used in the app or not...


Hi @ScottR Thanks for your response. I've performed the below steps -

  1. Used the Stripe Card Component and retrieved the token from the response API hit on click of submit button.
  2. Used the token to create a Payment Method
  3. Used the payment method to create a payment intent.
  4. Once I try to confirm the payment intent, it returns next_action to perform 3d secure verification.

Just want to understand how can I do the same from retool.

I never used 3DS with Stripe integration so I don't know. But, I would assume this is within the API supplied by Stripe and using a dummy card number with a pin associated with it.