A question of navigation - is additional 'main' page possible?

Hi there,

I'm trying to figure out a way to use the side bar for my navigation of main parts of my app, and then have multiple 'main' pages - where I can have a horizontal nav bar.....

but, it seems I can not create many 'main' pages and reference from the sidebar.

I'm just curious, what would opthers recommend as a way of creating this?
It feel's off odd to create a new app for each section, but perhaps that's best-practice?

Happy to hear thoughts
thanks, really enjoying retool so far. As a complete non-coder, with this community, some AI help (for the SQL part) I've been able to build something we can use!


@maillme I consider an "app" as a "page" - the only way of doing it differently is to show or hide different components or views based on a selection in the side bar Share data between apps

Thanks Scott,

That's where I was landing with my thoughts..... tbh, I think I can do this with minimal issues.
I read the article you provided, thanks - that was useful. I don't think much would need to pass, if anything -

But, I assume queries etc all belong to the app? So if I need to use same queries, I should just recreate the queries? I should look into making queries reusable in any case - as many of my queries are simple and do the same thing - just using diff tables (I.e. populate a dropdown).


Use the query library