A few comments on the usability of the new Table component

First off, let me say that this is going in the right direction. This post of focused on the general development UX.

  1. I do not like how the query to perform table updates is added, it is non-intuitive. You have to make a column editable and then the Save Changes Add-on shows up. Saving a change more properly fits with the rest of the event handlers - it does not logically fit with add-ons.

  2. The tick you use to identify an editable field needs a tweak. It looks like the lead on the pencil in the Tag icon and kinds hides in Date icon.

Honestly I though I had a few more, but have been won over by a couple others that I did not like at first.

Glad you're a fan of the new Table component!

I agree with both of these points -- we're actively working on improving the UX for configuring editable Tables, and I hope to share more soon.

Please don't hesitate to share other points of friction, even if they're small or you've since been won over :slight_smile: