A bug in Run History and Logs?

Seeing this bug more frequently in the History panel for workflows, so wanted to report it.

As you can see, the addSLCustomerFields block ran and failed, but the list of blocks on the left marked it as skipped. Not sure if this is an error on how I built the workflow, but if not, just putting it here. It added a lot of time for me to diagnose the error and fix it, and I didn't even know if there was an error necessarily.

If there is a way to fix this from my end, would be grateful for any advice. TY!

Hi @audreyanne96,

Thanks for you patience. Currently the code executor has a 15 minute timeout hardcoded by Retool that you may be running into. It sounds like we're planning to make this limit configurable (so you could increase it) on self-hosted instances. We have plans to update the docs soon with more clear timeout info as well! Happy to update you when that rolls out :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I see, that makes sense. Thank you for the clarification! And would be grateful to receive that update when it rolls out. :slight_smile:

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