A better way to search for UCC Lien

I currently work in lending and often we search & file things called "UCC Liens" to secure ourselves against the borrower's assets. Each state has its own UCC lien website and - just like most government websites - they're clunky and aren't great at displaying information. To address this, I am compiling a list of state database information to have a better search experience for power-users (e.g Credit Managers and Underwriters).


  1. Underwriters & Credit Managers can use the Retool interface to search for UCC filings to evaluate risk


  1. UCC results are automatically ranked in order of lien priority
  2. Lenders & Borrower information (e.g Secretary of State Filings, Google Maps locations, websites) are automatically available by clicking any of the URLs (which help the underwriting process)
  3. Lenders are classified based on risk tiers (e.g lenders with known, high APRs are highlighted to the Underwriter for consideration when evaluating risk)


Tutorial & Screenshots

  1. Insert a company name, or partial name, into the "Search" bar. You'll be presented with a list of real companies that have taken out Loans. You may notice some of the same company listed, but this is just because the Liens are registered with different Business Addresses despite being the same entity (oh the joys of Government databases).

  2. When you click on a company, you'll be presented a list (lower left) of Lenders who have claims to the business's assets; sometimes a Lender may have multiple liens & positions on a single business. The higher the rank a Lender is, the more secured they are in the event the borrower goes bankrupt.

  3. Each Lien has its own history - often they are amended, renewed, reassigned, etc. If you click on an individual Lien, you'll see it's history on the right-hand table. This information gives the absolute context and history of the individual lien (i.e in the screenshot you can see "New England Bank" sold the lien to "United Bank" in September 2015).

Improvement Opportunities

  1. I'm pretty new to retool so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I've also noticed that some of the queries are a bit slow
  2. I'll be adding additional states/features to the interface and will keep the community updated on progress if it's of any interest
  3. If you follow the screenshots, you'll notice the the third screenshot highlights that "New England Bank" ultimately sold the loan to "United Bank", yet the second screenshot is still showing "New England Bank" as the recent lien holder - this is a bug that needs fixing.


  1. If anyone has any UI suggestions, I am happy to listen & take feedback
  2. If there is any glaring configuration issue, please let me know
  3. If you have a solution to "Improvement Opportunities" #3 please let me know - I am sure it's not a difficult problem, but I am also new to SQL.


  1. Kudos to the BoldTech team for introducing me to retool and helping set me up with an initial proof of concept which has helped me build this MVP
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Thanks for sharing this @springstreet!