404 after OAuth2 with Auth0

Having issues setting up OAuth with Auth0. The auth flow works successfully all the way up until the callback redirect. At which point I get a 404 error from retool. From the Auth0 dashboard the login is successful.

After login get this on the oauth.retool.com/oauth/user/oauthcallback? url:

I believe I have everything configured correctly. Looks like the issue is on the retool side? From other posts here it looks like Auth0 should work with retool but I don't see any solid documentation beyond the generic OAuth.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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In case someone comes across this the issue was that my Access Token Url was incorrect.It should be [auth0-domain.auth0.com]/oauth/token. I had [auth0-domain.auth0.com]/token which was missing the /oath part of the path.

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Hey Devin!

Great working with you on this earlier (I was helping out Will looking into it). I really appreciate you updating the thread here!

Yes big thanks to Alex and Will for helping me through this!!