Zoom and Search in PDF viewer

I am building a tool that stakeholders will use to review extracted information from a pdf. I'm using the PDF component and was curious if anyone knew of a way to add a zoom in or out function to the viewer? Also, is it possible to have a search function that would search the information in the PDF?

Hello @mullinsjo!
Thanks for asking about these features. Our pdf component doesn't yet have the ability to zoom in or out. I can post back here if and when the feature becomes available. Until then, one workaround would be to go the custom route making use of a library like this one https://pdf-lib.js.org/docs/api/
Regarding searching PDF, are you asking for an API to be programmed against rather than the end user's browser's find (cmd/ctr + f) functionality?

Thanks @Amanda for your help! I'll take a look at that library. For the search functionality I like the search to be contained within the PDF document to make it easier to find information.

Ah, okay that makes complete sense. Thanks! I've noted your use case on our feature tracker.