Your credentials do not have read permissions


I'm just starting with Retool and setting up my first MySQL database. I tested the connection and it's connecting fine, but when I try and save it it prompts me with the error

Saving failed. Your credentials do not have read permissions

Is this an error on Retool or MYSQL side?

Hey @FDG!

Happy to help here! It sounds like this error may be coming from a permissions issue with the database user you are using for this connection. We check to make sure the user you are connecting with has read permissions on at least one table and if that fails, this is typically the error that is returned. Hope this helps!

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the reply! I checked and it does have read permission. Surely the test connection should test this as well?

Hey @FDG — could you try running SHOW GRANTS for this user to make sure it has the correct permissions? If it does, would you be able to provide a screenshot of these permissions by writing into intercom chat for us to continue troubleshooting?

I also met the same problem with MySQL driver. The connection test is fine.

And the MySQL user's permissions is: