Workflow triggered by third-party


I am using a third-party tool that creates videos. This tool can receive a callback webhook that is triggered when the video is ready.

So I created a retool workflow, gave the webhook URL to my third-party as a callback, and everytime the video is ready I receive the link of the video.

Now, what I want to do is update the URL of my video component in the Retool UI dashboard whenever this workflow is triggered.

So I imported the workflow in the app (along with the queries, and variables) but I can't seem to find a way to get it called.

My video has the {{ video1_url.value }} as the value for the URL and all I want is to update this value one way or another, when the workflow is triggered by third-party, OR add a listener in the main dashboard that triggers an action and that I can call within the workflow.

Can I get some help with that?

Thank you!

Also, I would like to know if there is a way to choose a mp3 file from a dropdown list of song, and having both video and selected song played together when clicking on play video (The goal is to give the illusion that the song has been added to the video)

Hi @Benjamin_Elkrieff! At the moment there isn't a way to push live updates to a Retool app via a Workflow but it is a highly requested feature and we can let you know here if it is included.

For the time being, you can set a query to run periodically that polls for any updates to the video and pulls down the new version if an update exists. Does that seem like it could work?

An audio component is another requested feature in Retool that I can report back here on. The video component does accept links to audio files as well though so you can use two video components a trigger them to play simultaneously:

This can also be done from a script:

Hopefully, that works for now!