Workflow Timeout with Unclear Cause

One of our workflows is timing out intermittently, but none of the steps individually are taking abnormally long. The logs in the Run History show that the last successful query step completes in 0ms, but the subsequent transform step never runs.

Workflow ID: 4ca58e8e-9087-4750-9134-ab03a5b14bda

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I'm experiencing a similar issue, any help would be much appreciated!

Workflow: 2396bb34-bd79-453f-8e66-af758d48f407
Run ID: 9bcbe736-bcf3-4edf-896f-a639c9cfa1f6
Workflow Trigger ID: 368015cd-644a-403e-a5e2-317479911fb4

Another example for a different workflow:
Workflow: d4d94c9c-9ec7-475e-8b02-bcf3071309e8
Workflow Run ID: d4433ac6-777c-4c2d-ae58-399c695adc6e
Workflow Trigger ID: 576a7622-f1e6-4701-a33c-dc158d704ff7

Thank you both for sharing this with us! We let our Workflows team know about this and they'll be looking into the root cause. I'll keep this thread updated with any news :crossed_fingers:

Thanks Victoria! Any update on this? We are continuing to experience this error.

No update yet, checking in with the Workflows team again though! I'm sorry to hear it's still affecting your work :pensive:

Experiencing a problem like this one here, some random timeouts on my workflows with sometimes no details in the logs for few days

Same issue here. Random timeouts with no clear causes.