Wizard - Virtual Step - How to progress to next step?


I have a wizard which includes a virtual step which runs a query. The query runs successfully but the wizard just sits on the virtual step and shows the spinner, how do I make it move to the next step in the workflow once the query has completed?

Hmm ok, the answer was that the wizard transition false. Although this solves the initial problem I'm a bit confused.

I would like the virtual step to run query (insert data) then based on that completing successfully move to another step in the wizard, is this possible?

I would also like to know if there is any way to get the wizard to change steps based on multiple individual queries. I.E. Step 1 has a query. It succeeds, moves to second. That also has a different query, when that succeeds move to three etc.

Hey! In order to move to the next step after triggering a query in a virtual step of the wizard you can use a Success or Failure event handler on the query you trigger.

Let me know if that works!

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Thanks so much! One further question I have is organising the order of the buttons on the bottom, for example the primary action is now on the left side instead of the right, how can I swap these?

Hmm.. it's not ideal but the best way I'm seeing right now is to recreate the navigation, the buttons are ordered left (most recently created) to right. Does that work?

ah ok, I can make that work :+1: My feature request would be to have a dropdown on the navigation editor so the index could be set. Thanks for the reply