Wizard component - Changing step to be the initial step not working correctly

I have built a workflow by using the Wizard component. Due to changes in business logic, I now need to change a specific step of the workflow as the initial workflow step (so basically switching two steps position in the workflow). This seems to be impossible. No matter with which step the workflow starts according to the graph and no matter what I set as "Set initial step dynamically", the behavior of the first steps and the original initial step won't work correctly.

Here the issues:

  1. The "Previous" button link is being displayed on the first (initial) step. This button link shouldn't be there especially as clicking on it will lead to nowhere since this is the first step in the graph.

  2. Clicking on "Reset" should reset the workflow and I should end up on the initial step. This doesn't work, clicking on it I end up on the original initial step, regardless of what step I set in "Set initial step dynamically".

  3. Once I click my way through the step and arrive at the original initial workflow step, there is no "Previous" button anymore.

Is there any other, better way how I can promote a workflow step to be the initial workflow step? Because my problem is that the two steps I want to switch are quite component and logic rich. Copying the components from one to the other step and vice versa is huge amount of effort.

Hi Reboon! Thank you for such detailed screenshots :pray: Working to reproduce this on my end now!

Done—was able to repro! Filed an internal bug report and will update this thread with any news.

To be transparent, we probably won't be prioritizing work on the Wizard component for the next quarter, so this might not get picked up very quickly. Would something like the stepped container work in the meantime?