Will Pay Someone to Connect Local SQL Server Express to Retool

Hello. I really want to build some internal tools using Retool. I’ve hit a brick wall trying to connect my local SQL Server Express database on my laptop to Retool. I would like to pay someone if they can help me set it up quickly. This is urgent for me.

So far, I have followed the steps that I have found online, but I can’t get it. I made sure SQL Server is running, made sure SQL Server Browser is running, made sure TCP/IP is enabled, made sure Port 1433 is correct, created a new inbound rule in Windows Defender that whitelists Retool ip address, and created new port forwarding for my router (for ipv4 only, can’t get it to forward for ipv6), with TCP/UDP Protocol and WAN and LAN ports both set to 1433. I also created a user login in Sql Management Studio for Retool with access to the databases.

If I try to use my public ipv4 address as the “Host” in Retool for the resource, I get the following error: Saving failed
Could not establish a connection. Try checking your database firewall configuration and whitelisting Retool’s IP Address

If I try to use my public ipv6 address, I get the following error:
Failed to connect to 2601:4c1:4002:30f0:6d68:b2af:e52f:462c:1433 - connect EADDRNOTAVAIL 2601:4c1:4002:30f0:6d68:b2af:e52f:462c:1433 - Local (:::0)

Contact me at richard.passett@gmail.com if you can help me.


Hey Richard! Not to get in the way of help, but if you’re using Retool in the cloud, you won’t be able to connect to a local database. You can test Retool locally though, which should allow you to connect: https://docs.retool.com/docs/running-retool-locally

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Thank you Justin! I have everything squared away now and no longer need help. I don’t need to run locally, I’m just new and stumbling my way through this. I am new to databases in general and didn’t fully understand the difference between local and cloud databases and why one would connect and one wouldn’t. For anyone else new to this, if you have data in a local database, sign up for an online service. I am using a free trial for Azure. Then google how to deploy from local database to Azure. It is simple and will get you up and running with Retool. Thanks again Justin.

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Right on @RPassett! Feel free to post in #how-do-I if you need any more help!