Why is my form prefilling with the selected row of my table?

this is super annoying. i just want an empty form that defaults to null values for every field. i am getting empty strings from the text fields.

Hi @Ashton_Teng Thanks for reaching out! That sounds strange :thinking: Could you double check the form's Initial data field? It sounds like you'd want this to be empty, but I'm wondering if it's referencing the selectedRow

If the initial data is clear already, can we check the default values for these components?

Please also keep in mind that text inputs cannot be null. They will default to an empty string instead of null. More info on that here

setting the form's initial data to empty worked! it had selectedRow in it when i clicked generate form from table. about the text input, how can i use javascript to set the text fields to null like you suggested in the context of a form submission? thanks!

Hi @Ashton_Teng!

You can use Javascript in the {{}} to manipulate the value. Here's one possible example:

this worked, thanks!!