Why does Retool runs all queries inside a model, regardless if they have a disable flag?

Hi Team,

I have several modules included in my main app. I've noticed that all BigQuery queries that I have created inside the modules have been run when the main app is loaded, even if they have a disabled condition.

Is there a workaround? It slows my app down and costs me BigQuery money.

Thank you.

What is the disabled condition? Are the queries set to run only when triggered manually?

I've tested with just putting "true" in the condition, for testing

Which one is selected?
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 1.48.05 PM

The first one "run automatically". I also need this setting because my SQL has filters.

Are you chaining the queries to run in sequence?
Also, check out this post by @bradlymathews

Hey @David_Mazvovsky! The queries definitely shouldn't run if set to disabled with true. So let me know if you are still seeing that. We do have an internal ticket tracking the request from the post that @ScottR linked, so we can update when we have any new information. In the interim, the workaround with the module input flag is likely your best bet.