What flavor of JSON is the Export - and how can I view it?

I want to view the JSON export so I can find all the places where I use certain things. I need to make some fundamental adjustments, but to do this I need to see ALL locations where things are used - and the only way I can do that with confidence is in the JSON export.

What flavor of JSON is used for this? What do you recommend using to prettify it? I've tried various methods, and none of them result in the prettified version I'm expecting.

It seems that much of the file is escaped which any linter treats as a string.

Someone needs to make a decoder app. I may if I need a palate cleaner from another project. We'll see.

@kent actually made an app for decoding the JSON export! You can find it in this post :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, @Kabirdas, I'm excited about trying this!

I'm trying to bring in into our environment to use it and I can't seem to figure out how to copy it in my account, like @ruswerner did in that linked post.

Is there a special place where I can get it?

Here's a copy of the JSON for the app that you can import!
App-20Deserializer (1).json