What does the Beta setting, "Use Public API for Permissions" do?

We're grasping at straws to solve a recurring performance issue. Right now I'm reviewing settings (probably unrelated) but I am curious about this one. I don't recall enabling it?

Hey @awilly! That enables you to create a SCIM token to use when setting up and sending SCIM requests. Shouldn't affect performance. Do you have another post for the performance issues?

Thank you for the response!

No, no posts specifically for performance. We do have a case open with your support team, though. It's a tough one!

Overview is that once or more a day performance across all our apps slows down. Restarting the Retool containers gets us going again. We've got a couple of months of troubleshooting into it. :face_with_head_bandage:

Not even certain it's a Retool issue, but if it's on the backend we can't figure it out.

No problem, and glad to hear you are working through that issue with the core support team!