What different ways does retool offer to speed up loading of data with fields for export purposes


Hope everyone is doing well!! I am currently using retool to run an export for a client. The export is fairly large (over 700 records), we have server side pagination and max record limit of 1000. We also have infinite scroll so all records are infact loaded and we can then click export to get the relevant export. The export fetches all records but it takes quite a bit of time for the records to load. Is there a way to speed this process up? or another way to do an export that's offered by retool. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!!

@Divjot What is your data source? I have SQL queries set to CSV export for a basic admin app for our team which can run exports of thousands of rows (20,000 rows) which happens almost instant on click of download button

You sure its not the data source which is the slow part versus retool export as csv function of a component?