Web App Compatibility with Chrome on Android

I have a simple web app that is intended to share general information- I don't need a full blown mobile app experience and don't need users to be authenticated to view it. If I share the public link, I'm able to view it on Chrome in Windows 11 and via Chrome on Android 13, however tablets with Android 9, 10, or 11 the app just displays a blank page. I've tried setting the "Desktop site" checkbox, but still nothing. I've even tried generating an APK using Median.co to install on the older devices to view my Retool app, but the APK just crashes.

I'm assuming I've run into some backwards compatibility issue with Retool displaying on slightly older version of Chrome. Can anyone verify this?

Hey @samgray1999! Wasn't able to get an actual device running these Android versions but testing with a virtual device on Android Studio I did notice that same behavior on Android 9. So far Android 11 + have all been working as expected.