Viewing Google Drive object through iframe

Hi all. I have a mini-app to allow browsing of docs in a google drive directory tree. I cheat a bit -

  • I create a directory / file listing and put it in a Google Sheet
  • I connect that Google Sheet as a data source
  • I put the output in a table.

That all works fine. However I then have an iframe to the side of my table. When the user clicks on the row, the iframe picks up the url of the file on Google Drive, and displays it.

This was working fine for ages, and has now stopped working. I get a 400 error. Note that the Google Sheet that I connect to is in the same directory as the files (in fact even if I put the url of the Google Sheet in the iframe, it fails.

Does anyone know what's changed? Wondering if Google have restricted access via iframes or something. Couldn't find any Retool parameters that relate to this.

Any help greatly appreciated....

Hi @donjammoo! Strange that it stopped working.

I was able to embed a Google Data Studio report in my Retool app by enabling the 'Storage and cookies' toggle for the iframe component in Retool (which uses the embed URL).

Do you know if toggling any of the iFrame settings makes a difference?

And if possible, would you be able to share the URL you’re embedding so I can try a couple things? Feel free to DM me with it if you don’t want to share it here!

hey there!

I activated every single toggle switch. still nothing.

There is a module in my account called 'FileBrowser' in which you can see the problem, you have permission to access :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you so much!

As a quick sanity check, do you know what the permissions are like on your sheet? It shouldn't matter if you're the one logging in and you have access to the sheet, but it looks like my tests have all been successful (and I tested with different Google Drive links to content with different permission levels).

Your iframe is the one on the right (that says "You can't access), but I think that's expected since I don't have access to your sheet in your org. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you see? :slight_smile:

Have you tried in Incognito perchance? Different browsers?