Using SQL to build Salesforce tools

Hey everyone,

We’re excited to share that Sequin now supports Salesforce. Now you can build Retool apps with your contacts, accounts, and opportunities using SQL.

How Sequin works with Retool

With a couple of clicks, you'll map your Salesforce data to a Postgres database. Then, we'll keep your database in sync in real-time. All you have to do is connect your database to Retool using the standard Postgres connector.

Here is a 2-minute video of me showing how to set up a sync.

Benefits of building Retool apps with SQL:

With Sequin, you’ll use SQL to work with your Salesforce data. You don’t need to learn Salesforce Object Query Language (a.k.a SOQL), APEX REST queries, or get caught up in token and IP management.

For instance, if you want to get all the contacts associated with your Apple account you’ll use a classic SELECT and JOIN:

select * from contact join account on contact.account_id = where account."name" ilike '%Apple%';

Out of the box, Retool has fantastic Postgres schema search, autocomplete, syntax highlighting, and error messaging so you can build quickly using the full tool stack.

If you are already using a Postgres database for your application data, we can sync to a schema in your existing database - so you can query across all your Salesforce and application data. No need for transforms or additional javascript to tie data together.

When should you use Sequin?

If you connect Salesforce to Retool, we’re a great option for you.

You can try it out totally free:

If you’re curious about how it all works, check out our docs: Reference - Sequin Docs

We’re looking forward to hearing feedback and answering any questions.

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Very cool! This is just like Heroku Connect (and just in time…). SQL is super intuitive/fast so excited to be able to use it to join our CRM and app data together. Impressed that you already support custom objects as well.

Quick request: Any plans to allow me to sync just the columns I need (versus all the columns associated with an object)?

Hey @ab5000 - yes! We're working on allowing you to sync just the fields/column you need.

For instance, if you only want to sync a couple of data points for each customer you need for your application/tool, but leave all the core PII in Salesforce - you can do this in a couple of clicks.