Using Safari on a MAC l cannot paste an image from the clipboard to inside a Rich Text Editor, I can only paste the image if I import it from the import picture button

I developed a Retool app that uses the Rich Text Editor module. I am loading pictures and text inside this box, no issues at all using Chrome on a Windows PC. I can paste from the clipboard or import using the picture icon. However when using Safari on a MAC I cannot paste from the clipboard, I am forced to import the picture from the picture import icon which is not user friendly for the user case of my app. What is causing this issue? How can I fix this? Thank you

Hey @rojo1!

Thanks for surfacing this, it looks as though it may be an issue with the underlying library Retool uses. I've let the devs know and can update you here if there's a fix!

Otherwise, it seems to be working with Chrome/Firefox on Mac. I'm not sure there's much else that can be done at the moment :pensive: