Using S3 resource (digitalocean) to upload file

I cannot figure out how to use the Upload data S3 action or the S3 uploader component when my S3 resource is set to my digital ocean bucket. I can list the files in there so the credentials seem to be working. It’s just the uploading part that is failing.
The error says “failed to fetch” when I try to use the “upload data” action.
When I use the S3 uploader it says : {“message”:“The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records.”,“code”:“InvalidAccessKeyId”.
What am I doing wrong?

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Hi @kschuler! Sorry for the delay here. Hmm, after reading over Digital Ocean’s docs it seems that their API enables compatibility with the S3 uploader. Just to confirm, you generated the keys from this page, right?

Can you try recreating the resource and reconfirm the access/secret keys?

Experiencing the same exact issue:(

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Same issue here!

same issue here, i found that retool is trying to communicate with aws server instead of the custom endpoint (like digitalocean), this bug happens only when doing upload, other actions(like list files) works fine though.


Sorry, forgot to update the thread here - I was able to repro this locally, and it’s definitely a bug on our end. Will update the thread when we’re able to get it fixed!

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It is still not working!!!

This should be fixed now!