Using Retool as a SaaS platform for verticals

I have a long-time client, a locksmith, who uses an ancient (and super messy) MS Access application which I have kinda been suckered into maintaining (not my dev). Retool makes it finally affordable for him to replace this system and I have just about sold him on rebuilding it.

In our discussions over the years he has mentioned reselling whatever we replace it with to other locksmiths and he asked how that would work with Retool if he were to actually pursue that. Got me thinking.

My two ideas so far are:

  1. Sell the system complete to another client and fork all of the apps to a new Retool account.
  2. Add new Retool accounts to the system and use access control to split the database into separate accounts.

I do not like the first one - too many problems. But feel free to change my mind.

The second seems promising and I wonder what problems I will run into. Would this be a viable way to provide a SaaS system for vertical markets?

Is there another way to do it?


Hey @bradlymatthews :slight_smile:

Super cool use case for Retool! I can't wait to see all of the inevitable SAAS solutions that come from Retool in the future.

The first one is pretty rough to implement effectively, what is to stop someone else from just downloading the JSON and sending it a different locksmith?

I think the second will work for you relatively well. Make sure that you toggle prevent query variable spoofing for the current user


Good advice, thanks!