Using galendar, json and mysql qury

hi, this is my first post. thanks to all who will answer.
i want to use the calendar funcion, here from a mysql query result.
i have a simple query

select CONCAT(
    GROUP_CONCAT(JSON_OBJECT('id', id, 'title', nome, 'start', CONCAT(data, 'T', time))),
) as events  from task 

this query reply a json

[{"id": 23, "title": "some1", "start": "2022-02-15T15:00:00"},{"id": 24, "title": "some2", "start": "2022-02-15T16:00:00"}]

then insert this json in online validator, the validation is ok.

if i copy and paste the query result on the calendar "Events" it works fine! if i insert the query as {{}} it add \n and \t and " and it not works!

please help me to trasform this output

I have found a solution from myself... query not in json and
return formatDataAsArray(data)

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