Using Firebase Auth for displaying custom data on dashboard

Hey there,

I would love to build a dashboard for users, so that they can manage listings created by them.

I did already build an admin dashboard using the same firestore resource, so on that side I am good.

What I fail to do is the following:

  1. Let the user login with their Firestore Auth Credentials
  2. Display them listings created with that user (firestore data)

Part 1 is where I could use some help.

I have read my way through the custom API Auth docs and tried the following (See Screenshots)

  1. Created a Resource using custom Auth & followed Firebase Email PW instructions
  2. Linked this to my login component

When I submit I am getting "Internal Server Error"

Any suggestions are much appreciated!!



Hey there :wave: When you say submit are you talking about when you submit a query after auth? Or does this happen at the auth step?