User unable to view any apps when logging into Retool on Chrome Version 103.0.5060.66 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi there!

We've got a user who is not able to view any of our apps in our retool server. They are able to log in and see the list of applications, but when they click on one the page shows up blank. We noticed in the network tab that the request to was returning 403.

When they use a different browser (microsoft edge), the issuer is no longer apparent.

Any ideas on why this is happening?

Hi @janessatran, we generally recommend updating to the latest browser version. Could they check if they have this updated? Also, are they able to view the page successfully when opening it up in incognito mode? If this works in incognito mode, there may be a Chrome extension inhibiting the proper page load.

Hi @Kenny! We updated the chrome version to the latest and also tried to open it up in icognito mode with no luck. Any other ideas?

Hey @janessatran, 403 Forbidden response status code indicates that the server understands the request but refuses to authorize it. Is this request to your api, and do they have access to it?