User session / cookie store?

Is there some concept that allows users to have simple key/value pairs attached to their Retool identity?

Here is why I ask: our REST API doesn’t yet support OAuth 2 but we want to start building admin tools using Retool. We’ve enabled support for more traditional static API keys for our internal admin users, each one with their own API key. Between that + IP whitelist, I feel comfortable enough to proceed with some tooling.

For now, I have a text input field at the top of our tools where admins need to paste in their personal API key before the tool will work. But it would be nice if instead they could paste it in and it would be remembered between sessions.

Is there some way to do this?

Hey Patrick!

Just wanted to jump in here to see if I can help you (if not, I’d be happy to reach out to the team to get you an answer)!

Would our custom API auth workflow work for you? It works well with user-specific auth tokens, and you essentially just need to setup your REST API with custom auth and then use an Auth Login component to prompt the users to authenticate before proceeding or being able to use the REST API resource. See docs + a walkthrough of this workflow below :slightly_smiling_face: