USD (cents) column type is not showing up (only "Currency")

I'm importing data from Stripe and it uses the USD (cents) format. For example, $4.99 would show as 499.

From the documentation, it sounds like there should be a Column Type called USD (cents) that would convert this for me but I don't see it. The only finance-related column type I see is just "Currency".

Hi there @jolibois :wave:

Happy to help you out here. I don't believe that column type exists anymore and you may be able to find it if you attempt to downgrade your table. We typically don't suggest that. For your use-case, you may just have to re-format that individual column to have something like self divided by 100 to get that column to display prices correctly. Let me know if you need help doing that :+1:

Hi @Pawan,

I think it would be a amazing to have Currency cents as an option, and have some kind of Input validation or transformation as well. I am not quite sure what would work, but right now I am thinking of something like this:

If the user enters something with decimals, multiply it by 100 and if it does not have decimals, leave it the way it is. So if the user enters 12.99 or 1299, both is converted to 1299.

I am not sure whether this is a good idea, so I am going to try to implement the behaviour and report back :smiley:

Alright, after playing around for a bit, I think its a really bad experience for the user, to have both 1299 and 12.99 be converted to 1299. So I think I will spare the user the internal handling and only interact with EUR values

Second Edit:
For the data handling it would still be nice to have the same interaction but with stored cent values.

Third Edit:
dividing the data by 100 for representation and multiplying by 100 for storing it seems to work perfectly fine.