Upgraded Component Tabbed Container Not Working

When applying the suggested Component Upgrade for Tabbed Containers, it hides all of my elements that were orginially inside the containers. I can still see they exist in the left side of my screen, but they are not showing up in design or in preview mode. I have had to revert back to a previous version before I applied the upgrade. Ironically yesterday I upgraded another app and it works fine, but the other 3 I did today it is not working. Thanks!

See all the components on the left that should be showing up here:

Thanks for reaching out. Do you mind sending an app export for the problematic tabbed containers? Alternatively, can you take a screenshot of the inspector of the legacy tabbed container?

PD Generics Attributes Engine.json (733.0 KB)

Here you go.

Thanks for that! Actually can you send the version of the app before the upgrade? This way I will be able to debug the upgrading issues directly.

Also to clarify, when you said you have had to reverted back, do you mean to revert back to the pre upgrade version and upgrade again, or an even older version, i.e. is the failure here flaky?

I am also having the same issue, After I updated the component is empty, I lost all the components I had created inside it :frowning_face:

I tried reverting it, but it didn't make any difference.

Actually for this one I am unable to go backwards as I failed to create a release before doing the upgrade.

Are you able to revert the app using the Revert option in the History section of your app to before you upgraded this component?

Thanks Victoria! I can revert to previous versions, but unfortunately this app has no previous versions. So now the only one I have is missing all of my components.

If you switch over to the History tab, you should see all the History (all apps have History, even apps that don't have Releases). We're treating this as a regression and are actively looking into this, but we want to make sure you can access your original components first!

Ah, I was able to go back. History started showing something finally.


Awesome! Glad you're back at a working state for now. And I'll be in touch when the tabbed container is safe to upgrade.

Hi I just merged a fix, do you mind trying again? As Victoria pointed out, in case it doesn't fix the issue, you should still be able to revert.

Yes this has been corrected. Sorry for the delay. I thought I had posted this already.