Upgrade warning, what does it mean?

I noticed a bunch of components which need updating on one of our older apps. One of them have a warning, "Upgraded Select components will no longer display custom invalid values." What does this mean?


Hey @brettski! Let me ask the team to get an answer for you now :blush:

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Just heard back!

The original select had two “custom value properties”:

allowCustomValues: which we directly support in v2

allowOutOfRangeValues: which allows for the value field to be set to values not in the values set, but not typed by the user

These have been collapsed into a single property in v2, but we show the warning when users have allowCustomValues: false and allowOutOfRangeValues: true.

Either way, this shouldn't make a difference in your upgraded component! If it does, definitely let me know :blush:

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