Unable to view data in safari

I have just created an account, but when I open the sample "Sample Users Page"(Retool) in Safari, the data in the table does not appear.(Attached image 1)
What can I do about this problem?

macos 10.15.7
safari 14.1 (15611., 15611)


  • Reloading the browser did not solve the problem.
  • The problem was not solved by changing to edit mode.
  • It is displayed correctly in chrome (90.0.4430.93). (Attached image 2)
  • Table data was not displayed in safari on iOS 14.4.2 as well (attached image 3)

Hi Ishida!

We only majorly (not fully) support Safari, so that might be related. Docs on the browsers we support here!

From Safari, could you share a screenshot of the left panel showing the data from the query that's being displayed in the table? Here's a GIF walking through opening the left panel and opening a query object, just in case you haven't used it before 😊

Hi victoria,

Thank you for confirming!
(I'm very happy if it works on safari)

I have captured the data, so please check it.
If there is any other information you need, please let me know.

Your data looks great, thank you for sharing! It should load on Safari. Can I step into your app to take a look and test on multiple browsers? I just need your permission, then I can step in anytime 😊

I would very much appreciate it!
Here is the URL. Can you give me an email address to permit?

No need to permit a specific email address! Thank you for the permission. I opened this app in Safari and it's loading for me. Can you try resetting your cache in Safari to see if that resolves the issue, or opening the app in a Private Safari window?

I appreciate your confirmation.
What is the difference?
Once again, I tried resetting Safari's cache and private mode, but the event did not improve.

I'm not sure. Perhaps you have certain Safari settings that are blocking the data from populating. Do you see any errors in your console? And are any other users in your org (if you have other users) able to view this app in Chrome + Safari?

Thanks for the confirmation.
After trying various things, including the console and another terminal, I found what I think is the cause :tada:
Since I use a mac in Japanese, the default value of Safari's language setting (encoding) was set to Japanese (SHIFT JIS).
When I changed this to Unicode (UTF-8), I was able to display the data correctly!
This could also be reproduced by changing "View" > "Text Encoding" in Safari's menu bar to "Default" > "UTF-8".
The error log output to the console that may have caused the problem is as follows. (The difference between the normal case and the abnormal case)

[Error] SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: missing terminating ] for character class
RegExp (vendors~app~sandbox.687f19bfeb980aaecb25.js:2:3191)
(anonymous関数) (vendors~app~sandbox.687f19bfeb980aaecb25.js:2:3191)
(anonymous関数) (vendors~app~sandbox.687f19bfeb980aaecb25.js:2:71047)
(anonymous関数) (vendors~app~sandbox.687f19bfeb980aaecb25.js:2:71060)
o (sandbox.687f19bfeb980aaecb25.js:1:568)
(anonymous関数) (sandbox.687f19bfeb980aaecb25.js:1:5528)
o (sandbox.687f19bfeb980aaecb25.js:1:568)
(anonymous関数) (sandbox.687f19bfeb980aaecb25.js:1:5101)
o (sandbox.687f19bfeb980aaecb25.js:1:568)
t (sandbox.687f19bfeb980aaecb25.js:1:432)
(anonymous関数) (sandbox.687f19bfeb980aaecb25.js:1:1530)

I've attached a capture for you to check.
I can also share the full log, so please let me know if you need it.

This may be the same as this article.

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