Unable to use the "Public App" feature on team plan


Since today I've been unable to use the Public App feature. Just yesterday I was able to share an app with password but today I'm getting the message "The public apps feature is not in your plan.".

No changes to plan have been made. What gives?

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Thanks for reporting this, @ruben! Apologies for the confusion here :disappointed: The public apps feature should only be available on the Business or Enterprise level plans. It looks like your team is currently on our Team plan (1 tier below the Business plan).

Currently, we are working on a bug where the feature is not gated properly. I wonder if this is what you ran into. You may have been able to incorrectly access the public apps feature from the 'Share' button while previewing an app, even though you cannot access this feature from the 'Share' button in edit mode. As far as I can tell, it does look like we are working on a fix to correctly gate this feature so that it cannot be accessed at all on the Team plan, but I don't see any plans to revoke public app access to already shared public apps. I hope this context helps! If you have any questions or think you may be running into a different behavior, let me know!