Unable to Push Page to Gitlab

Good evening!

We are on the latest self-hosted version of Retool.

When someone attempts to protect an existing application, we get the error "Failed pushing page to Gitlab", but we don't see any other information in the audit log. Inspecting in the browser yields an API response of "Author '-' is not a member of the organization".

We have configured GITLAB_PROJECT_ACCESS_TOKEN, GITLAB_ORGANIZATION_NAME, GITLAB_MAIN_BRANCH, GITLAB_PROJECT_ID, GITLAB_REPOSITORY_NAME and GITLAB_URL appropriately. Protecting new apps appears to work, and we see the commits in our backing repository.

I have checked the configured PROJECT_ACCESS_TOKEN and it is correct and active for the gitlab project we use for version controlling retool apps.

Any ideas what could be up here?
-- Jimmy

Hi @jlipham, Can you share how you are deploying Retool (i.e. what's your infrastructure setup)? Do you see a more verbose error in the logs from your Retool instance?