Unable to login to self-hosted retool

Just set up retool on Kubernetes with Helm. I had this setup working earlier, but after redeploying my entire cluster, this no longer works, with the error when I try to login:

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'getPlan')

Any ideas?

Hey @oliverni!

When you redeployed your cluster was there anything that might have impacted the Retool storage DB? It might help to know more about how you have it set up.

If you could provide container logs from your cluster that would also be great, that way we might be able to get a better sense of what's going on.

Is this an instance that had a lot of apps/activity on it, or are you in the process of setting things up?


I've found the issue — turns out, on first install, you can't enable Google sign-in. You have to sign up with email and password to set up the instance. Then you can enable Google. If you try to use google on first login, you'll get this issue.

A better error message or documentation would be really helpful here.

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Ahh glad you were able to find what was going on and thanks for that input! Better error documentation here would be good and I'll pass it along to the dev team :slightly_smiling_face: