Unable to connect to Redshift cluster within VPC

Despite whitelisting all the IP addresses specified in the Troubleshoot Connections page, I am unable to connect to my Redshift cluster via Retool. This is the message I receive:

Unable to connect. Error: Could not establish a connection. Try checking your database firewall configuration and whitelisting Retool's IP Address

I see no attempt to authenticate in my Redshift connection log. Is there something else I can do?


Thanks for reaching out :wave: I see that you have messaged us directly -- you are in good hands with Kenny :slightly_smiling_face:

is there any guides on this? I have the same problems. Unable to connect to databases in VPC

Hey @neitherfoot :wave: I believe in @chip 's case there was a missing port number in the resource setup. Would you mind reaching out to us directly with resource page screenshots and error screenshots?

yup will reach out with setup screenshots