TypeError: e.isWidget is not a function

This morning while i was trieng to open the project of an app i am building i got this message and cannot access the editor anymore. I have tried to contact support but still did not get an answer.

Attached the screenshot of the error. PLease help since I have a close deadline for this project and It is an error I cant fix myself.

Hey @Stefano_Di_Nicola, taking a look here. Is this happening on all your apps or just the one? Is this only happening in the editor, does the app work as normal in preview mode?

can you try using the _historyOffset URL param ie: _historyOffset=5 to see if that allows you to open up the app in a functioning state?

Hi Joe, thanks to the help. The error is occurring when I try to open the editor of only one app. I is functioning correctly on view mode. How can i use the _historyoffstet if i havent access to the editor?

It's a url param, so you just have to append it to the end of the app url when attempting to access it in edit mode.

https://<your org>.retool.com/editor/<app UUID>/<app name>?_historyOffset=5

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Thanks! It wors now

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