Two aesthetic issues

In Retool Beta, I notice a couple of things. I am trying out my app on an iPhone 6S.

  1. If I add an action button at the top right of the header bar (in this case a trash can icon) it looks fine when my mobile is upright, but when I rotate my mobile 90 degress to "landscape" orientation, the action button is too deep to fit into the header bar, so it overlaps the white page. Please could you adjust things so that in landscape mode, the header bar action buttons sit neatly within the header? I guess this means making the header a few more pixels in depth (at least, in landscape mode). Thanks!


  1. My test app does not (by design) include a tab bar at the bottom. If I add a Floating Action Button (FAB) to a page, the FAB is positioned on the page as if the tab bar were present. i.e. the FAB sits too far away from the bottom of the page. It will look much better if (in the absence of a tab bar) an FAB sits nicely at the bottom of the page, with a bottom margin equal to its side margin. Please could you adjust it so that this is the case? It will delight me to have this improved aesthetic for my app, and will mean that all OCD sufferers will sleep much more soundly. Thanks!

Hi Bob, thanks for this detailed bug report -- our team is currently looking into it, and I'll keep this thread updated as soon as there's a fix!