Triggering a workflow Webhook from a GET or URL link

My googling has informed me that you basically cannot trigger a webhook from a GET, is there a workaround with Workflows?

I want to have a URL that fires a workflow when clicked and I was hoping to use Workflows rather than have to build an API end point in Azure Functions.

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Hey Brad :slight_smile: We allow both GET and POST requests for running a Webhook!

Hi, Victoria!

And there would be a way to pass params to an webhook hit by a GET request?
Maybe through URL query strings, like on Make platform?

It would allow one to trigger a webhook with dynamic params from a spreadshit-kind database as in Airtable, for example

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Hi @artu-hnrq,

You can indeed pass parameters to a Webhook! Are you looking for something like this?

However, if you want to use URL parameters and parse them, I think that's a bit trickier and is currently a feature request on our end:


I would be highly agree it to have Workflows webhook to support retrieving incoming URL parameters / Query strings as well instead of just JSON body.

Hopefully this feature will come in very soon since I already managed to chat with the support team and requested it. :smile:

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Need this right now actually. Trying to bridge an app that will only send requests through the query-string. Pretty depressed I can't access the query-string from a workflow.

Noted! Thank you :slight_smile:

Will keep this thread updated with any news.

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Twilio sends out webhooks using Content-Type: x-www-form-urlencoded

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