Trigger query for each cell value in table

How can i trigger a query for each of the cell value and replace the cell value with the query result ?

I am populating a table now I want to update a column in the same table by fetching data using another query

For example

Select id, c1,c2 from table1;

|| id | c1 | c2 ||
||1 |x |y ||
||2 |a |b ||

Now I want my table to look
|| id | c1 | c2 ||
||1 |x |y1 ||
||2 |a |b1 ||

y1 will be fetched using another query which will require y as input

y1 = Select 1 from table2 where cid=y;

Can anyone help how can we achieve this ?

Hey there @jainendra-chg! Since the table is just backed by a query’s data, you can work with that data directly. Is there a reason you want to reference the table’s data? Have you applied client side filters, or something that wouldn’t make its way into the query backing the table?